Both James E Gorman IV & James E Gorman V are actively looking for income property investments or development opportunities; with a retail property preference, including equity & debt partnerships &/or joint ventures in the Northwest.

We are interested in “buy and hold” as well as “develop and sell” transactions (DEALS). On occasions we’ve been accused of being transitionally oriented. We however prefer to consider ourselves as reasonable, somewhat risk adverse, hard working and willing to buy or sell based on our best analysis of the proposed “deal”. Some of this analysis includes non-financial considerations; like will we have fun doing this, will we be dealing with “good” people, will this improve our reputation, will we be contributing to a community good, will we be proud we were involved in this deal or project?

Whether it’s a mistrust in dealings within the real estate industry, or just not wanting any stray beam of light to shine on your or our deals, about the best we can do is assure you that we can be tight lipped and know, subject concurrences, when, what, to whom, and how to share information – and although we are offering  a “Swiss Army Type” of skill set, experience and capabilities – we do know how to listen and analyze Real Estate purchase, development, design & construction opportunities.